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DynamicDocs is the smart and simple way for you to streamline many different areas of your business.

At Accent we believe in making the most of all the latest technology on the market – and we’ll help you take full advantage, putting a better, more economic system within easy reach.

DynamicDocs uses data to generate multiple different documents. It can be used for something as simple as a template for creating business cards or for more complex projects such as product catalogues.

Its simplicity is currently being enjoyed at City of Bristol College where a system created with WebApps allows users to create their own course guide.

Students can visit a dedicated web page to specify which courses they are interested in. Our system then generates a bespoke document, based on their selections and containing only information relevant to them. Users are then sent an email with a link to download their own personalised course guide.

Top of the class? We think so!

We also use DynamicDocs for a financial services company for whom we send out product packs. The covering letter, interest rate sheet and other content is customised, based on the product customers are interested in. Using one piece of data we create multiple different packs.

Typically, the print industry is known for producing many copies of one item. This technology allows us to print one copy of many different things just as efficiently.

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